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Coaches . . . BE organized - BE prepared - BE focused!  Have fun, stay engaged with your players and MYS families with positive communications and ALWAYS keep player development in mind too!  This is ALL our youth here in Medford!!!

US Soccer’s Principles of Play

Attack  - Penetration, Support, Width, Depth, Mobility, Creativity 
Defense - Pressure, Cover, Balance, Compactness/Concentration, Control/Restraint

Four Moments in the Game 
1. When we have the ball
2. The moment we lose the ball
3. Them opponent has the ball
4. The moment we win the ball
***As a coach, how do you communicate/train/ this in your practice sessions and games???

5 Elements of a Training Session
Is it organized?
Is it game-like? Attacking, defending & transition
Is there repetition?
Are the players being challenged?
Is there effective coaching based on their skill and age levels?
6 Tasks of a Soccer Coach
Coaching games
Coaching training sessions
Leading the team
Leading the player
Managing the performance environment 

As a coach, are you spending time reflecting on your sessions?  On your games?  Are you motivating your players?  Are you communicating to your players and families?  Do you arrive at your practice sessions and games early?  Are you prepared, organized and focused?  Are players having fun and progressing?

US Soccer Player Development Framework - GREAT READ!!! Please open the link . . .
USSF-player-development-framework__1_.pdf (

 Coaching Education

US Soccer’s FREE grassroots coaching module link (ALL intracity and travel coaches should be reviewing this):

US Soccer’s coaching education link:

MA Youth Soccer’s coaching education link: Coach Education Courses – Massachusetts Youth Soccer (  


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